Vole Edutainment


Access image, video, and text all from the same tool



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When you work at your computer and need to open pictures, videos, and text documents simultaneously, you often have to use a variety of different programs at once, i.e. an image viewer, a player, and a word processor, respectively. Now, with Vole Edutainment, you can work with all these files in a single window.

Vole Edutainment includes all kinds of tools with which you can play, read, and listen. You can even make a custom list, no matter what kinds of files you mix. You can also use Vole Edutainment to play an episode of your favorite series or show your favorite images without any transition problems.

The interface is not exactly simple, but it's very intuitive and practical. From its main window, you can add a list of elements, which will show you the name of each file as well as an icon to represent the file type. To access something, just click on what you want, and it will be displayed in the large center panel.

Another great feature is that you can also add sites. So you can use the same interface to take a quick look at a site or even browse it as though you were on a traditional browser.
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